“Japan Quality Smart Life”

Connected Design Inc. is a joint venture between iTSCOM of the Tokyu Group, NIFTY of the Fujitsu Group, and the Tokyu Corporation – three of Japan’s most prominent service providers.

Connected Design is focused not only on expanding automation within the Japanese residential market, but into new markets including hospitality, elder care, retail and enterprise.

Designing Connected Life –

Through our technologies and fine consideration, Connected Design creates Japan quality IoT services which we can be proud of.




Company Name Connected Design, Inc.
Date Established November 25, 2015 
Business Planning, development, and sales of IoT products and services.
Headquarters Futako Tamagawa Rise Office, 2-21-1, Takagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 158-0094  ▶MAP
Shareholders its communications Inc.
NIFTY Corporation
Tokyu Corporation
Contact info[at]
CEO Fumimasa Shingai